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Why You Should Be Using This Type of Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales
28/05/2013 posted in Marketing Solutions

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Today’s world revolves around social media, it is the new marketing strategy so in this case your right to use it to gain new clients however when people go on Facebook they don’t think about buying stuff from you they think about “liking” a funny picture or looking at cute photos of puppy’s and Twitter, well it can be effective but just like Facebook you do not go on it to buy from the company’s instead you would rather read what they have been up to.

To put it simply - social media is for personal use. So what could this maaagical marketing tool possibly be?


Email may be over 10 years old but do not take it for granted. Most marketers not only rely on email for increasing their business efforts but in fact, it is the foundation of their marketing system. Some people might even say that email is old-fashioned because in 2013 we are using social media like a plague and is now grabbing people’s attention more than ever.

Take into account that when you go onto your email you are already in the buying frame of mind because we have daily advertisements coming through our email resulting in us already expecting offers. Working in a business world, what is the first thing you do when you get into the office? Well if I am not mistaken it would be checking your emails. Not Facebook, not twitter but your email and this is the reason why you can get beneficial results from email marketing.

Why should you use email marketing:

First, everyone is using it, okay that is a lie obviously not everyone can access email but anyone who can does. If you look at how much people use email (250 billion) over social networks (750 million) you will be astonished.  

Email marketing campaigns are a cost effective technique that can help your brand reach your customers with timely information. Did I also mention that it has a substantial amount of high quality traffic compared to social media, although this is not a greater reason to use email for marketing but it is a good one.

3 ways to have a successful email campaign:
Mailing List:
We have all seen it and have become all too familiar with emails that waste our time including, newsletters, misleading pitches, and spam. These annoy people and do not work, despite the contrary what does work is valuable content resulting in value exchange – your valuable content for your audiences valuable time. Your emailing list is the most important factor in a successful email campaign; allowing you to stay personal with your audience thus allowing them to trust you on a personal level so they know that you are not a mindless spamming robot.

I will not go into too much detail on this considering it should come to you as common sense, people go on Facebook to send short sweet chats to each other but with email, you can have long meaningful conversations.

People want content, plain and simple. If you give people content, they are likely to be back for more, not hard to understand. People do not like to read long emails so in order to avoid them unsubscribing create an email worth reading, make your audience actually want to read it. In other words do not send them an e-book however send them a series of emails with beneficial information giving you the advantage of their undivided attention even if it’s only for a couple minutes a day, this will lead them to actually looking forward to your emails. Yes, you read that right - they will actually look forward to your emails.

Timely Manner:
Sending out your emails at the right time will ensure that people open them. For instance if your audience lives in a different country consider their time zone, if its 1 o’clock here and 9 o’clock there they might not open it, although all the people here will. Figure out a way to implement a time management system that can help you with this.

So there you have it, if you implement these top three tools you can have a successful email marketing campaign. Do consider the fact that I am not a marketing “guru” just the basic knowledge; nevertheless, I have seen these attempts work. 
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