QA & Testing

With years of experience in software quality assurance, we’re experienced QA testers. Whether you need manual or automated testing, we can handle it by assigning a complete test team – hand-ons, and management services personnel.

Or, if you already have the test cases, you can get the reports sent over on execution – that’s any kind of QA, be it smoke, functional, regression, performance or conversion. Our QA facilities and capabilities are comprehensive and a collaborative exercise between our testers and your developers.

Skills and Experience


At Instalogic Inc, we base testing on formal processes and testing documents. Ranging from web to mobile applications, our QA department teams have successfully handled testing projects for customers all over the world.

The main testing tools we use are:

Typical security and infrastructure can incorporate:

Automation Testing with Selenium

We all know that Automation testing plays an important role in the Agile world and that the regression tests need to be run preferably after each iteration, day, build, or code change. Therefore, we have a very well defined solution to cope with this kind of situations. Actually it is not just one solution, based on the project at hand we can customize the Automation testing solution to best fit the project needs. We have a large variety of technologies and programming languages in our knowledge base and  toolbox so we can choose the best one.

On projects using web technologies and web browsers we mostly use Selenium WebDriver as an automated testing solution.  With years of experience we enriched our knowledge base, defined processes and procedures so now we can quickly get by impediments and work on highest standards.

Here are some of the stuff we rely on:

We have several automation testing projects successfully using Selenium WebDriver and we consider this a “must have” on every browser based application.

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