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Instalogic knows that every business has its unique technology needs. Instalogic brings you a talented first class team of technologists to serve in whatever capacity you need us in.

Select the area below for the support method that best suits your current needs.

» Managed IT Services

Instalogic provides an array of essential Managed IT Services Calgary, including PC Management, Server Management, Network Management and CTO Services, on a flat rate subscription basis to small and medium sized businesses. We help you minimize the hidden costs of PC ownership, which are considerable. We also minimize the daily hassles involved with using and managing technology, so you can get on with your business. Whether you already have some technical expertise on staff or not, we provide whatever expertise you need but don't have. 

We view ourselves as an extension of your business. Our goals are nothing short of a dramatic reduction in your total cost of technology ownership and a dramatic reduction in your technology-induced stress level. That's why every customer engagement begins with a free technology review with one of our technology consultants. It' s the best way to get the "lay of the land" in addition to getting an on-going relationship started. The more we know about you, the more return you'll see from your investment with us. 

» On Demand IT Services

Instalogic's On Demand IT Service plan combines many of the benefits of our Managed IT Services Calgary plans , with the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go service - all without sacrificing critical IT support. On Demand IT Service packages start at $249 for 10 desktops and 1 server per month. The small recurring monthly fee guarantees that Instalogic is monitoring your network and performing routine and scheduled preventative network maintenance, including desktop optimization and security updates. As needed, you’ll have access to a complete IT department including certified engineers, network managers, and a senior level CTO (Chief Technology Officer) on an hourly basis.

Instalogic designed On Demand IT Service specifically for:

  • Small offices seeking more than just reactive hourly IT support, but not ready for dedicated and fully managed IT services.
  • Small organizations with limited budgets not meeting the requirements for Instalogic’s Managed IT Services Calgary, but want access to Instalogic’s high levels of customer service and experienced team of technicians.
  • Larger customers that want the added resources of Instalogic’s IT professionals and state of the art remote monitoring & management tools to supplement their internal IT department.

*Prices Monthly - Includes one server and up to 10 PC’s - Each additional server is $99/month and each additional PC is $9/month.

PC Maintenance
Automated Scheduled Anti Virus Updates
Automated Scheduled Spyware Prevention and Deletion
Automated Temp File Deletion
Automated Patch Assessments & Updates
Comprehensive Tracking of all Software and Hardware on each Desktop/Laptop
Detailed & Comprehensive Reports for Inventory & Preventative Maintenance Activities
Server Maintenance
Automated Daily Maintenance
Database Size Monitoring
Message Queue Monitoring
Event Log Monitoring
Service Monitoring
Security Patch Management
Service Pack Management
Core Health Monitoring
On Demand IT Service
Live Help Desk Support
Network Support and Administration
Strategic Planning and Guidance
Hosted Solutions (email, backup, spam filtering)
Onsite Support and Projects
Custom Development
Disaster Recovery Planning


» Break/Fix IT Services

Don’t let technology work against you! Instalogic has flat rate support for small business and residential clients that are not ready to be on a Managed Service Plan. Our in shop diagnostic price is $50 and will be applied towards the price of your repair. Check out all of our most common flat rate repair prices.

Network Setup
Setup up to 2 wired/wireless devices into a network with File sharing, print sharing. Network will be secured. (Devices can include computers, access points, routers, print servers, printers, etc. Add additional devices for $50. Hardware not included)

Computer Network Setup
Setup computer to connect to a wired/wireless network. Includes Set up file and print sharing between two computers. Additional computers add $50.00 per computer. Does not include program installation or data transfers
Network Troubleshooting and Repair
Troubleshoot and repair issues with network (Loss of connection, faulty hardware, invalid passwords, misconfigured firewalls)

ISP Support
Find out what ISPs are available in client"s area, get pricing, present to client and help client with setup of internet. (Does not include setting up the computer onto the Internet connection)
New Computer Setup
Setup a new computer. Plug in all devices, install updates, update drivers, activate Windows, create user accounts, configure internet connection, join to network* 
Spyware & Virus Cleanup (Malware) 
Install security updates, install Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software. Scan for and remove viruses, spyware and Adware (Software included)

Computer Optimization
Perform routine maintenance on computer, defragment your hard drive, speed up boot times, delete unwanted files, and install the most recent security updates, make recommendations for upgrades

Computer Diagnostic
Perform multiple tests to provide an accurate diagnosis of computer and recommend best course of action. (Client should know from here if its going to be a Basic Computer Repair or an Advanced Computer Repair)
Basic Computer Repair
Diagnose and Repair computer of basic software issues. Can include software conflicts, damaged files, damaged programs, driver updates, reinstall of software. Does not include trouble major operating system issues or hardware issues. (Includes a free computer cleaning)
Advanced Computer Repair
Operating system repair, software updates and secure computer, may require work done at Rocklin Systems tech bench. (This repair is used for RAID issues, hardware failures, OS repairs) (Includes a free computer cleaning)
Operating System Install/Upgrade
Installation or upgrade of Operating System. Includes all patch updates, drivers and user accounts
Software Installation
Installation and brief training of one software title. Includes configuration of software (ie e-mail client software)  Software not included.
Hardware Install
Installation of one piece of computer hardware (i.e.. Video card, sound card, controller card, processor, memory. Does NOT include motherboard) (For motherboard install add $50.00
Peripheral Setup
Install one device (i.e., printer, scanner, digital camera) and teach client how to use
One Time Data Backup/Transfer
(Working Computer)

Backup up to 8.5GB of client data to a DVD. (DVD Included, add additional 8.5GB for $50.00
Basic Data Recovery
(Non-Working Computer)

Recover files from a crashed hard drive, deleted files. (Software Recovery) (Free scan of drive to see if files can be recovered)
Advanced Data Recovery
(Non-Working Computer)

Recover files from a drive the is unaccessible through normal means (Hardware Recovery) (Free scan of drive to see if files can be recovered)
DC Jack/Ac Adapter Repair
Repair DC jack that is connected to the laptop motherboard. EXTENDED TURNAROUND 8 to 10 business days
Broken Screen
Install Broken Screen. EXTENDED TURNAROUND 8 to 10 business days


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