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01/05/2013 posted in Social Media

If done correctly, you can get effective results through social media marketing. You should use social tools to get in touch with a group of people who have interest in your business; more so, look for people who’re interested in the products and services that you are trying to promote.So sit down with us, maybe have a coffee, clear your mind and concentrate on how you can help your business using 4 different social media sites.


   Post, "LIKE", Share

1) Convey your business’s personality - When a business first starts out on Facebook they think it is limited to only posting announcements and events but did you know that it can also help your business have its very own personality. The bottom line is people will trust a business more if they feel like they know or can trust it. Facebook was intended for you to show your personality and let the world know who you are. Sharing and connecting is what it is all about. Interaction with your customers and fans on Facebook is on a more personal level, thus people will get to know the business and buildup a trusting relationship. Most business’s think it may be hard to get an effective charisma going but posting pictures, information and status updates all help in making it work. It takes time but being unique and creative gets you noticed and can bring about your personality all on its own.
2) Get acquainted with your customers and truly get to know them - Having a business page on Facebook is designed for interaction with customers and fans. When fans post comments, pictures, “check-in” to your location or even “like” things that you post, this allows you to truly get to know them. Having a page like this gives you full access to how your customers think. Remember that this interaction is essential in how you advance with customers so always take into consideration the feedback they give you; this will help your business grow.  
3) New fans and potential clients can find your business easily - When looking for a business most people will head to a search engine, am I correct? Or when you go to a search engine you type in what kind of business you are looking for. Facebook can increase the chances your business will be found.
4) Let people know what you’re up to - Promote yourself, Promote, promote, promote! It’s all about promoting. If you have an event coming up let your customers know, tell the world! Post pictures, information and don’t forget to invite people even if you don’t know them, it’s all about spreading the word.


Tweet Tweet !

1) Create a professional profile - First step, get your profile on the right track. It should look professional. Use your business name as your Twitter name, list your website URL, and make sure to upload a profile picture, generally having something to do with your company. People will say that if you are a big company to use your own name and photo, I say do what you think is best. Typically if you are selling or promoting your brand or product it is better to go with your company logo and company name.

2) Build a follower’s base - Achievement unlocked: Profile Creation! Building your follower base will include posting it on your website, let people know you are now active on twitter, post it in forums, signatures, blog etc…You can also use Twitter directories in order to find members who can potentially follow you.

3) Provide information about your business - Now it is time to attract customers towards your business. To do so, you should offer admirable information about your products and services. Let people know what your business is up to, what has your business done, and what is your business going to do. We tweet about our blog, our services and share our knowledge. Retweeting can also be a great way to show you’re active. For instance, we are in the technology business, we retweet links to blogs that discuss the importance of technology. This makes the first tremendous impression for your business; also a great benefit is that it is free of cost and a very engaging marketing tool.

4) Offer unique deals to your twitter followers - Who doesn’t love deals right? So why not offer them. Come up with creative ways to offer special discounts to you twitter followers. Use it as a business marketing campaign. But remember to keep the description short and intriguing. 140 word rule.

5) Encourage feedback from twitter followers - Encouraging your followers to comment on products or services is a great way to get feedback. Accept all feedback from customers, don’t worry if some of it is negative you can find ways to improve. Just keep in mind not all comments will be positive. Always thank your fan base for the positive feedback.

6) Do not pressure people While using Twitter for business marketing, make sure you don’t pressure your followers. I am not saying don’t connect with them, in other words i'm saying to not send them messages saying "PLEASE FOLLOW ME" every day, this might scare them away. 


Always be Pinteresting !  

1) Getting started - First and for most you need to open an account and create a Pinterest business page. If you already have a personal Pinterest account you can merge it into a business page. If you can’t do it yourself, you may need to ask your neighborhood technical genius. For tips check out:

2) Create boards related to your BUSINESS - Create boards that are applicable to your business – e.g. products and services, team members, ideas, how-to articles, etc.

3) Check out the competition - Search around on Pinterest companies that could potentially have the same products or services as you. See what they are up to and maybe follow any of their boards that are of interest to you.

4) Start pinning - Time to get your pin on! Look up anything that is appealing to you and repin it. Install the pin it buttonon your browser, it helps for when you are searching on the web and you find something that catches your eye, you are able to instantaneously pin it. If your website is already optimized then you probably have the buttons linking to your Twitter, Facebook, Google + so make sure to add thepin It buttonto your website so others can pin about your products, blog posts, or images.

5) Add useful descriptions - Adding a description of whatever you’re pinning is a number one priority. Without it you are not able to mention your business and if someone is to “re-pin” your pin then it won’t let people see exactly where the original content came from. So always add that description with a mention of your business. Add keywords that are going to make your pins show up in searches, this increases chances of being found on Pinterest. If you are selling products, be sure to include a price in the description. If you are not sure how to do that take a look at this article:

6) Use first class images - Pictures matter when it comes to Pinterest that is basically what it is based on. When uploading a picture to Pinterest make sure it’s file name has targeted keywords. If you have interesting images on your blog then pin them to Pinterest. Interesting images are more likely to get re-pinned. Extra benefit is that it will link back to your site, driving extra traffic there also providing exposure to your business.

7) Show off your personality - Bring out your employees playful side and show it to the world, make people aware of how fun your business is pin things like team photos and work events.

8) Get your customers involved - Ask customers to take a picture of them using your products and post it to your board. Make your customers feel involved.


Google+ hasn't exactly been the most popular social network. However, with features such as free videoconferencing and the capability to share and promote content with customers and colleagues, Google+ is making a big impact with growing businesses.

1) Improves your search engine ranking - Clients and potential clients will often search a company name before going any further with them; if you’re not showing up first on Google search engines then obviously your potential client is going to pick the other company who is showing up as number one. This is how Google+ plays an important role in getting your business ranked higher on Google’s search engine. Go Google your company name right now, if you are using Google+ that should be the first thing to pop up, Facebook will not help get your name up at the top. Google+ will not only help your search engine rankings but it will help spread your digital voice that much more effortlessly.
2) Video chat with customers and colleagues for free - One of the most talked about feature with Google+ is Google Hangouts; it is a video chat tool that allows you to chat with up to 9 friends, chat face-to-face (that’s always nice), Host virtual meetings, broadcast to the world and start a video conference Hangouts include built-in productivity apps (like Google Drive) that improve team collaboration, even when you're not together. Your team can make last-minute changes to that important presentation, get live input on your analysis from remote team members, or just plan the company holiday party over coffee. This service can host up to 10 people currently. It is a very useful tool for those organizations with workers in different countries.

3) Get your message to the right audience Having a business means having a variety of different customers or groups and sometimes you want to share only certain information with each separate group, Google+ can put customers into different circles and then you are able to share selectively. It makes it easy to share the right things with the right people by filtering each circle separately. For example, you only want to share what you are doing at work with employees then you are able to choose your circle of employees and no one else will see.
4) Another way to advertise promotions With Google+, it's easy to offer promotions to those in your circles.

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