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Basic Elements Every Website Should Have
29/05/2013 posted in Web Solutions

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My job is to be on the internet almost 24/7 so when I see a website that does not function properly it makes me want to tear my hair out (not literally, I actually like my hair) 

When I go onto a website and cannot find what I am looking for I automatically leave the website. I would never do this if they had just implemented some simple changes, which could make their website actually work for them and me.

A website is like a shopping mall, you should have everything you need all placed in one location and categorized and with so many marketing strategies’ out there, having a website is one of the most valuable tools a business can have. Your website should be easily accessible and easy to navigate. 

So here is a question to think about, does your website have the necessities it needs in order to be successful? Most importantly try to remember that there are two sides to a website, the front end and the back end, both needs to be taken into consideration.

Basic elements every website should have:

1. A Clear Message
Who are you? What does your business do? Why should I choose to do business with you? Where are you located? How can I contact you? What services do you offer?
Most websites do not give you appropriate or accurate answers to these questions, you may not think this happens a lot but it does! Most times, I have to dig and dig my way through a website to finally get an answer; it should not be this way. Having your message clearly stated and summed up on the homepage is essential to getting more sales.  

2. An About Page
People are curious about what goes on behind the company, who runs it, who the people are, what have you accomplished, etc... They are just simply curious. So with that being said an about page will inform your customers on all those questions they may have. When including information about your background that pertains to your business and expertise it will help give your customers a more personal bond with you igniting their trigger to want to do business with you. Happy curious customer’s means happy you…  

3. Opt-in Blog Form
A common thing among websites is a blog and if your blog has some good content then this creates and opportunity for your business to set up a signup/subscription form. This will also generate a good number of emails to start an email marketing campaign.

4. Simple Web Address << okay I know this could never be a real domain name, but sometimes this is what it can feel like if your domain name is over complicated. A domain name should be simple, easy to type into an email and it should signify your brand, and you would never name your company abcdefhahahah would you? So why do this for your domain name.

Tip: always try to stick with .com it is the most common used extension when typing in a web address.

5. Easy to Navigate Website
A professional website design includes having an easily navigated site map, clear links to the most important pages and is compatible with each browser. Trust professionals to design your site for you so that you can avoid extra work and extra charges down the road. Just because you can build your site with Google site builder, does not mean you should. If your site has not been updated since gosh knows when, then take some time to research professionals and go with one that has a proven record of accomplishment and client testimonials.

A simple, clean design with some bells and whistles here and there are usually all it takes, try not to over crowd your site with un-necessary things. Incorporating all this is important in leading your audience to the information they are looking for and creating a site that is pleasing to the eye.

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