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How to Become Number One on Google Search Engine
16/05/2013 posted in Web Solutions

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“We can get you to be number one on Google search engine right after you contact us, super-fast, super easy, and you can stay there forever… “

Have you heard (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Company’s telling you they can get you to be #1 on the Google Search Engine in as little as one day, well technically it’s not true, and let me tell you why.

First off, it is a great idea to hire someone to do your Search engine optimization, but be sure to hire the right people. SEO company’s tell you that you can be number one on Google’s search engine in just one day, sorry to inform you but Search engine optimization takes time, work, content and an ever changing strategy. Yes, you may be showing up as number one on the first page in one day however you will only be staying on for ONE day. Most company’s take the easy way and say “why don’t we just beat Google at their own game” that’s a bad idea; you should just make Google love your site instead. There are also SEO company’s out there that don’t know how long it will take, they will promise you that they will keep working on your search engine optimization till you’re at the top, but what if it takes 6 months, a year? maybe even two!

Do you think it is hard to rank number one on Google search engines? It’s actually not but most people think it is. The only thing hard about getting to the top is your competition, competing against them consistently, and the effort and time that goes into it. If you go on Google and search up “how to be number one on Google” or “How to get top rankings in Google” it’s pretty surprising how many people have wrote a blog post about the subject and can you imagine how many SEO company’s I have found with their main heading title as “We can get you to rank number one on Google in as a little as one day!” umm, sure they can, as long as they use black hat techniques to cheat Google!

So now you may be wondering—well are you going to tell me how to be number one on Google and the answer is no, but I can give you some advice. I can give you 5 tips that will put your SEO on the right track. Now I am not claiming that I know everything that involves Google’s ranking algorithm, only Google’s algorithm engineering team does. 

If you have no clue what you’re doing then hire a SEO – search engine Optimization Company to do the dirty work for you. Successful Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process requiring a lot of work, time and dedication and it can be frustrating if you’re SEO methods don’t work.Search engine optimization tactics may work one day but not the next, that’s because it’s always changing. 
Having an expert do all this can be very rewarding and take that weight off your shoulders. Contact Instalogic today if you want to be stress free about SEO or read on...

Link Building – links will dramatically help you with SEO this includes the quality and number of links you have. By doing link building on your website it creates rankings and what does Google want…rankings! So it is a win, win situation.
If you’re not entirely sure how to link build and want to go into more detail about it then check out our blog post- How to improve your link building strategy

2. Know what your goals are – Having a plan and goals is a top priority in order to get your SEO on the right track. If you want to rank number one on Google just because everyone else is then maybe your goals are not in the right direction however if your goal is to rank number one on Google because you want to succeed then that is the right reason. Whether you want to increase sales, get more subscribers, or increase the lengths of visits to your site, having goals in place will opt how to proceed with your keyword research.

Page Titles – A page title is the name that appears in the top title bar of the webpage, usually when you bookmark a page the web page title will show up. So when naming a web page you have to make sure it relates to what the page is about…the web page title will be a fairly accurate description of what the page is about.
  • Also make sure your URLS have main keywords in them. For example if you are writing a blog post about technology and it is called what is a computer your URL should look like
 Content – Always add content to your site, more content more love. If you’re not adding content then who do you think will rank number one on Google? you or your competition who is adding the content. Google wants to rank pages that have original content! also having quality content means people will back link to your site if they find it useful, and the bonus is you don’t even have to ask,  just provide the content.

Blogging – If you have a blog and update it regularly with good content you will acquire leads. Google will reward websites that publish at least 2,000 words per month. Think of a blog as a way to advertise for free. If you don’t have a blog at the moment and need a reason why check out our blog post about why your business needs a blog
There is so much information readily available on the internet to help you with you SEO but can it all be trusted or is it a waste of time? Just remember that every week, month, or year Google’s algorithms are changing - so can the tips they are giving you actually work? Who knows, the only thing you can do is work at it. Don’t lose site of the fact that SEO is only part of your marketing strategy instead of thinking it is your whole marketing strategy, SEO is a great way to generate traffic to your site but it’s not the only way.

In an upcoming post, we’ll look into:
How to outrank your competitors on Google Search Engines. 
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