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How Does a Brand Become Successful
08/08/2020 posted in Branding Solutions
Today while driving I looked over and saw a Coca-Cola truck and started to think to myself; how did they get the success they have today. It’s not a hard question to answer however; it’s a question that keeps me guessing. Surely, there had to be a person with an idea to start the business, then a product and of course a logo that was designed to their needs. I personally think that Coca-Cola got lucky and hit the jackpot with their logo. The Calgary web designer had a simple yet effective idea and is highly recognizable even today.
 It can be scary to brand your company, sometimes it works out to be marvelous and other times it can be a dud. Bringing a company in, to help your company sounds a little weird, but it is the best decision you could ever make, thus the reason why branding company’s where invented. Branding companies will give you a fresh approach and a creative streak to help get your brand in the right direction.
Back to the question, how does a brand become successful?
It’s simple really, you work at it. You work your tushie off and put that brain to good use.
A brand is not created over night, so no need to rush into it. Take your time; figure out what will work for you and your customers.
Your brand is more than just a logo for people to look at; it’s a signature of your company. Your brand is your oath to the public world in order for them to trust you. It’s a way for customers to recognize your products or services. Your brand will entangle in with your reputation and visibility and make a memorable impact. When your brand meets the requirements of what people expect of your company, then it will become successful.

 Always ask these questions before starting your brand:
  • What will your brand symbolize to your customers?
  • What is your objective or customer promise?
  • What qualities and principles are important to your business?
  • What is the audience of your customers?
  • What sort of customers do you want to engage?
  • What representation do you want your brand to invoke in your customer’s minds?
  • Why do they choose your business and prefer to buy from you repeatedly?

Tips for a successful brand:
  • Plan ahead
  • Hire a branding company to do the dirty work for you
  • Have a reason that can effectively be transmitted to your customers, in other words identify your message.
  • A tagline is a message that goes along with your brand - keep it simple.
  • Keep the consistency, do not change the color every now and then, it will only confuse people.
  • Know your niche
  • Stick by your brand at all times and fully commit yourself


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