Software & Application Maintenance

By outsourcing the maintenance of solutions, we don’t only mean fixing bugs or fault finding, but also improving functionality, updating, revising and optimizing operations on a daily basis as well as real-time monitoring to ensure security. The implementation of contingency plans tested annually for their proper functioning as well as their optimization allows you to stay abreast of emerging technologies.

  • Corrective – Correction of bugs and anomalies.
  • Adaptative – Library feature security updates.
  • Preventive – Continuous monitoring and automated testing.
  • Perfective – Improvement and addition of features in the application/software.

Software Maintenance
& Technical Support

Reliable, secure, and efficient software and applications thanks to perfective maintenance services.

Times are changing and the applications and software developed must keep pace to remain modern and efficient, not to mention new solutions that are designed to allow constant evolution. As with a car or a house, an application or software must be maintained to make your investments profitable and guarantee its sustainability. The technology and skills required are not always part of your core business, which is why we have set up a dedicated team responsible for the adaptive, corrective, preventive and perfective maintenance of applications hosted by our clients or in the cloud.

Maintenance & Evolution

If you are having trouble keeping up with the state of your application and software portfolio, it may be time to entrust us with its maintenance and evolution:
  • Relieve your internal teams of experts.
  • Focus on innovative projects at the heart of your business and not on emergencies 
    and preventive maintenance.
  • Sleep soundly: Instalogic offers hassle-free service through a dedicated team.

A Technical Assistance Centre with
Tight Tracking & Rapid Follow-Up

Instalogic’s technical support centre is one of a kind. Call on our reassuring and efficient resources when things go wrong, from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Calgary time.

You will benefit from troubleshooting and supervised monitoring of the situation within a reasonable timeframe thanks to our team who will coordinate the resolution of your problem with the front-line actors. They will intervene directly to overcome your difficulties and obstacles and surpass your technological challenges.

As a bonus, we will take care of adaptive maintenance, which is the coordination of updates and communications, and we will make the Jira suite available to you to follow up on your requests.

Technologies We Use

Instalogic has a team of full-stack developers who are proficient in both front- and back-end languages and frameworks.
We are not only well-equipped to get hands-on, but can also guide and consult on strategy. These are some of the technologies we use.

Choosing The Right Company

Here are the top 5 questions you can ask us to ensure you are hiring the right company

Maintenance and support involve ongoing activities to ensure the smooth operation, security, and performance of your website, application, or system after its initial development or deployment. It's important for maintaining the functionality and reliability of your digital assets, addressing issues or bugs that may arise over time, implementing updates and enhancements, and providing technical assistance to users.

We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance and support services tailored to the specific needs of your website, application, or system. These services may include regular updates and patches to address security vulnerabilities, performance monitoring and optimization, bug fixes and troubleshooting, content updates and management, database maintenance, server management and monitoring, backup and disaster recovery planning, and technical support for users.

The frequency of maintenance and updates depends on factors such as the complexity of your website/application/system, the level of usage, the presence of security vulnerabilities, and your specific requirements and preferences. Typically, we recommend performing regular maintenance tasks such as security updates, performance optimizations, and backups on a scheduled basis (e.g., weekly, monthly) to ensure the ongoing health and security of your digital assets.

Our process for handling support requests and resolving issues typically involves several steps, including receiving and triaging support tickets, assessing the severity and impact of the issue, diagnosing the root cause, implementing a solution or workaround, testing the fix to ensure it resolves the issue, and communicating with the client to provide updates and ensure satisfaction. We prioritize support requests based on severity and strive to resolve issues promptly and efficiently to minimize disruption to your operations.

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