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Each of us shares the grander vision of creating products and services that provide you with the simplest possible solution for your technology needs. We each excel in our given field, and function cohesively to provide rapid, effective solutions to the issues relating to the complexities that may arise when creating and administering custom campaigns and services.

Below you'll find brief bios of our exceptional team members.


Instalogic Marketing

Naj Zada

President / Project Manager

Instalogic President, Naj Zada, has over 10 years of technology, sales and marketing experience. He serves as the principal executive in charge of implementing new technologies and integrating them into company's forward operating methods. With hands-on leadership style, Naj makes certain that the best technical and management resources are employed on projects, while ensuring that solutions are tailored to meet and exceed client needs and expectations.

Mr. Zada is responsible for strategic marketing, development, and implementation of new programs within Instalogic, as well as corporate planning and business development for local and commercial markets. He identifies strategic markets and opportunities for Instalogic, and oversees aspects of the entire business development cycle.

He has managed the growth and development of new client services and internal business processes, while concurrently managing corporate expansion into new vertical and geographic markets. Mr. Zada's vision focuses on the expansion of Instalogic by emphasizing revenue growth, profitability, technology, and sustainable market presence.

Chantel Vinish

Administrative Assistant / Project Manager

As Instalogic's Administrative Assistant and Project Manager, Chantel Vinish is involved in various facets of the company's project and administration requirements, as well as handling all aspects of Instalogic's social media channels.

George Rovithakis

Marketing & Business Development

George joined Instalogic in 2009 as a Business Development Consultant and has been instrumental in maintaining and growing the business. George brings over 10 years of business experience from the Direct Sales, Real Estate and Financial Accounting industries. George is responsible for leading the Business Development department ensuring that Instalogic provides the highest levels of customer service while maintaining focus on achieving key revenue, margin and market share targets in alignment with Instalogic’s vision and long term strategic plan. George is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a major in Accounting.

Jake Bholat

Operations Manager

Instalogic Operations Manager, Mr. Jake Bholat, is responsible for all aspects of day-to-day financial issues related to business operations. This includes accounts, cash management, financial management and reporting, financial budgeting and forecasting, and lease management. He is committed to ensuring that Instalogic's infrastructure support capability readily accommodates the needs of our employees and the growth of our company.

Marijke S.

Senior Designer

As our Senior Designer, Marijke has been an accomplished leader who contributes expertise in website architecture, web development, and web design. Marijke has more than 10 years of experience in website programming and design. Since the birth of Instalogic, she has spearheaded the evolution of the company from a single website into a provider of some of the best, most affordable and exciting websites. Marijke will continue to be a driving force behind Instalogic's growth.

Lisa Ahluwalia

Business Development Specialist

Lisa brings to Instalogic over 11 years of experience in marketing and sales. Her passion for helping people and companies reach their potential has led her to be one of the top salespeople in every marketing position she has held. The majority of her experience has been in retail, the service industry, and financial services marketing.

Nick Quinn

Marketing & Business Development

Nick joined Instalogic in 2013. Nick originally from Ireland brings experience from the hospitality industry as well as the marketing industry. Nick completed his 3rd level education in Ireland and most recently received his Masters (MSc.) in Strategic Marketing. As part of the Marketing and Business Development department, Nick is involved with bringing in new business, account management and marketing.

Sarwar Hossain

Director of Operations / Software

As Instalogic's Director of Operations and Software, Sarwar has more than 7 years of experience in application development, project management, and designing complex application architecture. He is a passionate developer and problem solver who has extensive knowledge of application client/server architecture and database migration. Sarwar has experience working as a SCRUM master, managing his team and projects efficiently.

Sarwar specializes in the development of business solutions, social networking, database migration, and problem solving.  Understanding project requirements is a vital aspect to Sarwar's ability to implement the perfect solution in order to consistently satisfy client demands.  Sarwar has completed his Bsc in Computer Science and Engineering, and currently participates in various national and international programming contests.

Niro Mirando

Web Marketing Manager

As Instalogic's Web Marketing Manager, Niro is responsible for all facets of our Search Engine Optimization, ensuring all practices are up to date with the latest SEO strategies for the highest possible rankings.

Marc Navarro

Application and Database Development Leader

Marc is an advanced database and web programmer/designer skilled in the implementation of web solutions with various cutting edge technologies, including XHTML, HTML5, JavaScript  and PHP. Marc also deploys multimedia content with 3D Studio Max, Adobe After Effects, and other Adobe products. Marc is dedicated to sharing his technical knowledge, with more than 8 years of service as a programmer and business applications specialist.

As Instalogic's Application and Database Development Practice leader, Marc is the senior team member responsible for modifying, configuring, and integrating open-source and proprietary application modules as part of Instalogic's web development work. Marc is also responsible for designing, developing, and deploying open-source and proprietary database components within client projects.


Kristin Link

Copy Writer

Instalogic's House Copywriter, Kristin Link, provides compelling internet copy writing services designed to effectively deliver your message and reflect your brand. Working closely with each client, Kristin writes clear and concise copy essential to communicating your products and services to your customers and target market. Kristin creates captivating content designed to stir interest and improve site read through, while incorporating search engine optimization techniques to increase site traffic.

With a passion for marketing and branding, she has over 10 years experience specializing in media, marketing and communications, and serves as a consultant to a wide range of new and established businesses in Canada.

Maxpo Communications

Paul Lu

Business Development

Paul’s background stems from over 25 years in the marketing and advertising industry. He credits his experience from being involved in capital resource financing for publicly traded companies that specialize in technological advancements for today’s market. His experiences have assisted companies in offering products to strategically enhance infrastructures for the automotive industry, telecommunications and commercial land syndication. Through these developments, he has found various platforms and strategies for farming leads online with a successful conversion ratio. His affiliations and associations, both locally and internationally, provide him with the ability to capitalize on opportunities generated in today’s current market trends.

Darren Bouchard

Business Development

Darren Bouchard has 18 years experience in Sales and Marketing. Through his experience and qualifications, Darren has sound and thorough understanding of a company’s needs to ensure future growth by making the right marketing decision. He has continued to develop and refine his innate talent by promoting company’s offline and online, gaining valuable experience in many urban and regional business contexts. Through his success with Maxpo Communications Inc., Darren brings an insightful and innovative perspective for businesses abroad.

SoftAlive Inc

Mohammad Moshirpour, BSc. (Eng)

Solutions Architect

Mohammad is a highly skilled and knowledgeable software engineer with over 5 years of development and consulting background. He has extensive experience in all different aspects of software development life cycle as well as working knowledge of a variety of different technologies. Mohammad specializes in development of distributed systems and real time data handling as well as database design, development and optimization. Mohammad has been the designer and lead developer of a wide range of industry projects in areas such as petroleum engineering, geochemical engineering, project management and accounting and finance. With academic backgrounds in both software engineering and computer science along with years of practical experience, Mohammad is an expert in analyzing complex technical problems and devising efficient and effective solutions to match clients' wants and needs. Mohammad's research in requirement analysis and design as a part of his graduate work at the University of Calgary provides a practical outlook in matching clients' requirements with the delivered system. His research in this area has been published and is accepted in the software engineering community.

Maris Sekar, BSc. (Eng)

Design and Development Consultant

Maris is a software architecture consultant with 4 years of experience in various areas of the industry such as R&D, Data migration and Integration, Energy and Utilities, and Technical Auditing. His work on utilizing web service technologies for efficient information retrieval and processing have been widely recognized by the research community. Algorithm design and implementation, Database Management Systems, Software Quality Assurance and Automation of Functional Testing are his main areas of focus.

Phil Pridham, BSc

Software Developer

Phil is an experienced and highly trained software developer with over 3 years of experience. He specializes in web development and is skilled in database design and implementation. With an educational background in computer science Phil has worked extensively with C, C++, C# and Java. His programming knowledge provides him with a versatile edge which enables him to tackle a wide range of technical problems.

Venkat Mantripragada

Quality Assurance and Testing Consultant

Bio Pending.

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