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Improving your Link Building Strategy
11/04/2013 posted in Web Solutions

                   "Links are the streets between pages - Links Are the Currency of the Internet"

Useful tips:

• Anchor text – One of the most crucial things search engines take into consideration in ranking a page is the actual text a linking page uses to talk about your content. For example if someone links to our site "Instalogic" with the keyword being "instalogic link building strategy’s" that will help us in getting a higher ranking for that keyword. Rather than if they had used the keywords "Instalogic blog" we wouldn't enjoy the same ranking benefit for the phrase "Instalogic link building strategy". Remember that “click here” doesn’t carry as much weight as “your product or service” will as a link.

• Number of links – (both inbound and outbound are important), link to sites that are related in nature to your website.

• Quality of links – If you are selling salon products, your incoming/outgoing links should be relevant to that industry, and not flood the health section.  Search engines allow links from high-quality, trusted pages to increase in heightening page rankings rather than unreliable pages and sites. Consider exchanging links with other businesses with a good page ranking. 

How you can improve your link strategy:

All websites should have a blog - blogs have the unique ability to contribute new material on a consistent basis but remember to keep your blog current with information related to your primary service or product. Create articles to share information with your visitors, and earn listings and links from other blogs. Providing your site with fresh content and helpful information will do wonders to help your rankings.

Write articles and then submit them on the Internet. Place your contact information in the Author section along with a link to your website. Other sites will soon pick up your articles and post them, creating inbound links to your site.
Press Releases

Earning the attention of the press, bloggers and news media are an efficient, time honored way to earn links. If you have something exciting going on with your small business that will be interesting and beneficial, by all means issue a press release. Your article can be picked up and distributed throughout the Internet.
Outbound links

Place content on your pages that are useful and helpful to your visitors and be sure to include outbound links to higher authority websites. Placing a link to a page rank 5 site will help you!

Get your customers to link to you.

If you have business partners you work with regularly or loyal customers that adore your brand, you can use this to your advantage by sending out graphic icons that link back to your site. Just think of it as, how you sport off that new jacket with someone’s logo on it, that’s promoting their brand. Links are the best way to accomplish the same feature on the web.
Social Media sites

Use social media sites like Facebook to comment on other people’s posts, articles, videos, etc.., make sure that you are commenting about the topic at hand and not spamming them regarding your business or service. A little bit of networking gets the word out and has people talking!
Investigating the Competition

Do a search using your main keywords and see who is showing up in the Search Engines. Follow up by searching for the competitor’s links (link: and then contact the websites who are linking to them to see if they are interested in exchanging links with you.
Remember to stay away from dishonest practices; you should never participate in an automated link exchange program. These programs are not going to benefit you in any way, bottom line USELESS. They don't benefit you for the reason that you will be automatically exchanging with all sorts of low quality and unrelated sites. You can possibly even be penalized by the search engines for obtaining links this way. The benefits of practicing honest link building will be well worth your time.
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