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Tuesday Tip: Web Design
10/06/2021 posted in Tuesday Tips

“Improving your website design will bring customers in"

There are a million lists on the internet and a million and one web designers telling you how to improve your website design and yes most of them are true, however sometimes we all just need a little reminder. Therefore, here is your Tuesday tip on how to find Web Design Company in Calgary.

1. Layout - Having an eye-catching home page is the first thing your customers see and if you have a layout to support your content this gives them a reason to stay. Most of the time a website has all their content at the bottom making it so you have to scroll down. This is not beneficial to your customers because when they go on to your website they want to see what you’re all about, your site is there to showcase what you have done and what you can do for them. Following this step will help to achieve sales or leads.

- Always put your call to action in the top part of your website along with your contact information

2. Forget flash and use responsive design – Responsive design allows a site to adapt to any browser size instead of developing your site for each individual device. In addition, of course Flash is coming to end and we are now in the new era of HTML5 which allows a website to function on many operating systems without a plug-in.

3. Font - When choosing a font for your website make sure it is easy to read, not only on your website but on mobile devices as well. Make sure that the font size is no less than 11pt because nobody wants to read tiny text.

- Some large-scale fonts may work on a computer screen but not on a mobile device

4. Professional Photography - If you are using big photos on your website give your customers some decent photography. It will help with your originality and chances are people will stay on your site longer to look at the photos with Calgary Photographer instead of them turning away because they have seen it on another site already.

5. Clutter - Simply, get rid of the clutter, having too much clutter will draw your customers away from what is important. Consider limiting the amount of graphics, links, animated gifs, paragraphs, etc…

More tips next Tuesday…
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