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Tuesday Tip: Social Media
17/06/2020 posted in Tuesday Tips

"Social media is a great way for your business to connect with customers"
Its 2013 and social media has taken over rapidly, so what should you do about it…use it! People will tell you repeatedly, if you are not using it – your competitors are. There is no doubt that social media has been a huge topic when it comes to getting your business online but how does it truly help?

It allows your business to conveniently connect with customers.

Connection plays a key role in building a long-term relationship. If someone is unable to connect with you then do not expect them to stay around long. However if someone is able to connect with you then you have a long-term loyal customer.

Furthermore, here are five imperative ways to leverage social media to connect with your customers, which will lead you to a genuine organic result.

1. Listen! – you know those whiny 2 year olds we really don’t want to listen to so we ignore them or simply just give them what they want without even thinking twice about it, well sometimes that’s the way business’s see their customers. However if you ignore a 2 year old they will come back twice as worse and if you give them what they want they become spoiled... so what are your options? Listen. Listening to your customers makes them feel appreciated and taken care of and when they come back they will not be demanding. When you listen and understand the needs of your customer instead of just giving them what they want without understanding the full details of the situation then this resolves any issues easily and effectively.

2. Questions? – Ask your customers questions, this will help determine their needs and wants from your business resulting in good communication.

3. Provide Knowledge – Giving your customers insightful and straight to the point knowledge about your business leads them to believe that you are serious about getting to work rather than going through loops holes to figure out what you can do for them.

4. Commitment – Now-a-days people have one-worded discussions over Facebook, email and text and to be honest it can get annoying but if you commit yourself to that conversation, they will realize the effort and this can lead to some form of a business deal.

5. Be Honest – People have a natural way of telling if someone is lying, yes, this even means over social media. If someone catches you lying how will he or she or anyone be able to trust you; they will not. In order to avoid this then simply do not lie, try to be as honest as you can… it will defiantly pay off in the end. 

More tips next Tuesday...
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