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Tuesday Tip: Search Engine Optimization
27/05/2021 posted in Tuesday Tips

"Link Building dramatically helps your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)"
When you see a site showing up in the number one slot on Google it makes you wonder how they got there, well link building is one of them. Having links to your website is one of the key formulas for search engines to know a website contains up to date content for specific terms.

Guest Blogging:
I have heard it a million times; why should I guest blog for someone when I can write great content for my own site, well I will let you in on this dirty secret... It is a great way for link building and your Calgary SEO. It creates valuable links back to your site/blog and the return is worth the while. If you guest blog enough for someone you could be a regular contributor, which is the ultimate reward resulting in your name being recognized and people becoming aware of your brand.

When you have quality content to link to it is fundamental value in achieving natural links to your site. You can have as many tactics as possible but it all comes down to original content that other people will find useful resulting in them actually wanting to link to you and not having to work twice as hard for it, easy as pie right!

Quality Links:
Hard-earned, natural links are what Google looks for, when you put time and dedication into link building you earn the results and you start building relationships across the web.

Organic, organic, organic. I cannot stress it enough to people- link building should be organic. If you are making blatant attempts to link to higher sites, Google will notice that and flag it as suspicious.

Finally yet importantly – PHOTOS!

We as people love sharing photos and if they link back to you, oh baby! That is what it is all about –pictures and infographics are shared from people to people consistently all over the web resulting in new links every time your picture/infographic is referenced on another site. So go ahead create a compelling picture or infographic and people will be sure to link it up letting you reap the rewards. 

Most crucial tip:
Always remember to keep your links current, having outdated links or links that do not work can have a negative impact on your websites rankings. Most importantly make sure not to link back to non-follow links because they are irrelevant and will not help.
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