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Timing Is The New Social Media Strategy!
18/06/2013 posted in Social Media

It can become frustrating when you post an awesome status and you are sure to get “likes” but it doesn't happen. You start wondering what you are doing wrong, if you need to start changing your Facebook strategy, or maybe that status was not as good as you thought. Well here is the good news, it is not you, your strategy, or even that status - it is the timing.

The golden question for social media managers has always been; when is the best time to post on social networks? While there is no solid answer people have found that if you time something right, it works. Timing is the new strategy! One simple analysis has analyzed hundreds of thousands of pieces of data to come up with this conclusion. However, all time zones are different and we each have our own audience.  First test out your audience and different times to see what works best for you…

This infographic below is just an example of the best & worse times to post:

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