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Technology Is Not an Enemy, It Is Your Friend โ€“ Learn It.
17/07/2020 posted in Information Technology
The year twenty-thirteen brings about more advanced technology and just imagine what twenty-fourteen will have in store for us. With that being said, digital information technologies are transforming the way we work, learn, and communicate so in order to effectively do your job you must stay informed and updated with the latest tech gadgets.

I recently had a customer say to me that her son’s teacher did not know how to use a smartphone, now it may not be the most important thing to learn and understand how a smartphone works but you should at least have some knowledge.  Technology is moving forward and, at the same time, enabling the developing world to leap from their status straight into the center of the advancing world. If people do not catch up with flourishing technology, the digital divide may leave them further behind than ever before.

It can often be hard to admit that you are behind on the latest developing technologies but in truth it’s okay. Amidst all the chaos in our daily lives, sometimes we do not intentionally fall behind but rather tend to forget about all the change going on around us. However when the change does start to creep up on you, it can become overwhelming. Instead of being left at mercy of the technologically advanced citizens, open up to the tech world and learn.

Below are some reasons why you should integrate technology awareness into your work and life:

1. Helpful benefits will arise from learning more about technology
Plenty of benefits that come with learning about technology not only simplify your life but it can also open up a world of possibilities. For example, paying your bills just got a whole lot effortless for the reason that instead of waiting in lines at the bank you can conveniently pay online. If that does not help you, then think about how much better it will be to connect with family that live in another city or country. Having technology allows you to use video chat over a computer or phone and give you the feeling they are sitting right in front of you –– all this at your fingertips.
Having the ability to use technology the way we do can increase our effectiveness in day-to-day life, ultimately it allows us to connect with people no matter where we are. The opportunity to connect anywhere with anyone is powerful in creating long lasting connections especially if you work in a customer oriented facility.

2. There are plenty of disadvantages of not staying up to date with technology
Putting resistant thoughts about technology in your mind can lead you to a dead end. Weather you have a big ego or just down right do not feel like being “up to date” try to let go of that. Holding back on learning about the future of our world can become quit a struggle and eventually wear you down. Feeling embarrassed about having someone guide you should be set aside; there is always someone willing to teach you whether it be a family member or teacher. A person will not think anything negative of you, they only think about how they can better inform you. People initially love helping each other out and this gives them a great opportunity to do so.

3. Technology is essential to every business
Many business’s use technology whether you are considered an “Information technology” company or not. Think about your local grocery store they use debit machines and registers or what about your local spa they also use technology. We deal with technology in our daily work lives by using productivity software, security systems, air conditioning, computers, internet, phone systems, beauty tools etc. essentially it is everywhere and that is why it is so important for you to stay informed.

Whether you know it or not technology is one of the most unavoidable and critical element of life today. The problem is that you are most likely not keeping up with technology in an efficient way. Let Instalogic change that. We can help you or your business stay up to date and organized with the latest business solutions,
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