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Staying Up to Date With Modern Business Cards
07/05/2013 posted in Branding Solutions

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Is having a business card really enough now -a- days? With the digital age upon us sometimes I wonder if having a business card is still relevant. Everyone is on digital platforms consistently, chatting over e-mail, text messages, phone calls, social media, so where does meeting in person and having your business card handed out come in; well eventually after all those phone calls and emails it does. Having your business card prepared for a modern society though, well, that’s a different story.

I have come across some pretty dull and sorry to say old looking business cards, if your business card is dull, it can only tell so much of your company’s image, I think some company’s/people need to step up their game. Searching around on the internet you can find some pretty awesome modern business cards that keep people engaged. Having an eye-catching business card lets people know that your company is really making an effort to be professional whilst showing how creative you can be with just a simple card.  There are no rules for creative card design. Custom shapes, colors, graphics, matte finishing, etc. are all key roles in being different but the crucial part is always a compelling design. 

Having a modern business card is a key factor in staying up to date and current with the world. Showing people your creative outlet signifies how great your business is, thus brings me to the reason why having a business card is an important role to you and your business. A business card holds information about a company, individual, or organization. Business cards will have the most vital points of contact on it which includes telephone, fax, e-mail, website, name, and address. Clearly you will want to have high quality business cards, so find a professional custom
 business card printing service and get started. Having a business card will let you show your originality which is a must in today’s society.

Below are a few examples that i find very creative and that could potentially help get you started with ideas:

1.  Jose Antonio Contreras

Business card fun is what comes to mind when I look at this design, being able to do a crossword puzzle after receiving a business card is genius, because c'mon, who doesn't like a good old cross word puzzle.

2. Lady Bon Bon Business card 

This card is nice and modern and has elegance, if you're in the cupcake making business this is a great example of a creative and eye-catching business card. Very good use of 
incorporating the business into the card. A spot gloss effect was used on the front and back to give this cupcake the highlight it needs. 

3. Guitar Trader Business Card

This business card features a grunge vintage design, perfect idea for its industry. The guitar strings on the front of the card are stamped in silver foil, giving it a real guitar effect. Set this card standing up on your desk and you got some business card art. 

4. Shawna Photographer Business Card

Elegant, classy, professional is what this card brings to the table. Originally this silk card was created for a child & wedding photographer. Silver foil on the front for highlights, spot gloss on the back to bring out the logo. 

5. Consultoria Business Card

When I think about classy, modern, edgy I am sure this card would come to mind. Comprised of two business cards die cut and glued together with a beautiful red and black foil with rounded corners and stunning shiny spot gloss adds that refined business card appeal. 

6. Cafe Java Fine Espresso Business Card

Very cool concept for making a functional business card that can also act as a coffee mug coaster.

7.Holographic Business Card

A transparent business card give you an ultimate modern feel, it is sleek and clean with added touches of color.

8. Leather Textured Business Card

Rhinos have that leathery feel to their skin and what better way to incorporate that into your card than actually adding a leathery feeling effect. 

9. Simple and Colorful Business Card

Color and style make this business card stand out, very simple but adding big text can make it pop. 

10.Wooden Business Card

A wooden business card, who would have thought, but that is what makes this card a creative design.

11. Chalk Business Card

Write on this business card acting as a chalk board. 
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