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25/09/2013 posted in Marketing Solutions

I was working on a proposal for a client and wrote up this email. I figure I would put this in the blog to share it with you guys. It’s a nice reminder of some basic practices of Calgary SEO and Calgary online marketing that can help you grow your business.

For your inbound links, the search engine algorithms rely on several different factors:

1. Quality keyword content management system (including using your keywords on pages in the headline ‘H1’ title of your pages)

2. Inbound links from relevant sources/businesses using anchor text and ‘deep links’ which are going to different pages within your site (applies to links within your site)

3. Meta tags and descriptions including text in the title tag and also in the body of the pages (Some say Google doesn’t count them, many other engines do)

4. Sitemap (one that you submit to your webmaster account and keep fresh by updating when you add content)

5. Articles (relevant to your industry and keywords)

6. Analytics (having a good analytics program in place that you monitor)

7. Alt tags for images (Search Engines do pick these up)

8. Manual submission to search engines (and submit only once)

9. Once your articles have been added to your sitemap and indexed by the search engines, article syndication is a great help as many of the syndications keep the link to your article on prominent pages

10. Have a blog on your site where the content is updated frequently

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