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It’s Time to Rethink Your Marketing
25/09/2013 posted in Marketing Solutions

September is here and it is time to re-think your marketing!

September means going back to school, going back to work and re-thinking your current marketing plan.
As b2b marketers begin their budgeting process for 2014, they say the top areas where they'll increase spending are marketing automation technology, content marketing, social media and mobile. This means your business needs to take action, starting now! A study suggests that by 2016 more than half of the dollars spent in the U.S retail will be influenced by the web. Your customers are connected to the web through many different tools and ultimately your customers affect your overall outcome and income.

So what does this mean for your business? Its means that if your brand is not marketing correctly, your missing out and it’s time to do something about it.

Marketing hasn’t changed much… we still use posters, TV ads, radio Ads, email, telemarketing  (word of mouth), etc… but the way we shop, the way we can make something go viral in a day is what has really changed marketing. SEO (search engine optimization) plays a HUGE factor in your marketing strategy. Today, when we shop on the internet we tend to use Google, Bing or Yahoo to find a shopping site or product we like and however, we automatically choose from the selection listed on the first page not the second, third or fourth (unless people are desperate). This means your marketing will affect your SEO from what social media channels you’re on,  what your website content encloses, how much you blog and so on.
You are able to get to the first spot on Google and to the first spot in your customers minds, all it takes is some re-evaluating.

First things first, you need to have essential marketing platforms to market across. This means having a website and a social media presence. In addition, you need to have customer service skills, a loyal employee base and a plan.

Re-evaluate your Website:
A website is your most essential weapon, having your website up and running with your best content will automatically start a snowball effect. A snowball effect is the process of something starting out small and growing into something bigger. In order to remain successful you need to leverage the internet to your best ability and turn your website into the ultimate marketing tool.
If your website has content but is poorly written and filled with the wrong keywords you might as well stop there. There will be no snowball effect just a big stop sign. Having content that is poorly written with no relevance to your niche means nobody will find it. Even if they did find it they wouldn’t want to read it.

Re-evaluate your Social Media:
Social media contributes to the snowball effect by links and sharing. However, when you spend little time on social media it doesn’t grow. Spend a reasonable amount of time on each social media channel (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn) and roll with it until the end. Customer service also contributes to marketing and this can easily be integrated across your social media presence. Monitor your customer’s reactions and respond in a timely manner. More than 32% of people are sharing their experiences, good or bad via social media and blogs, which gives you the power to connect with your customers by correcting negative feedback and sharing the positive feedback. Engaging your customers and getting them to return continually is a long-term panning strategy that requires you to market correctly. This type of marketing is good for your long-term reputation but also for your overall appearance to the public.

Re-evaluate your Plan:
Your plan is a gateway to ROI (return on investment) If you marketing plan is not giving you a positive ROI then it’s time to re-evaluate (but you already knew this, didn’t you?)
You can’t spend money forever, eventually it runs out. Return on investment makes sure you bring in enough business to substantiate the expense. Even if your plan is working so far, there is a ton of ways to maximize your ROI by eliminating idle approaches.
Re-evaluating everything helps advance your business in today’s reality. Make sure you have a great team of web designers calgary, employees and social media managers to get you started.
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