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Hidden Elements Every Website Should Have
30/05/2021 posted in Web Solutions

Most clientele do not care about what goes on with the hidden elements of a website and really care about how good the site looks. Nevertheless, you might not care but you should pick a designer who does. Having a Calgary web designer who will understand the entire front end and back end elements that go into a website will give you the best website you can possibly have. In addition, a designer can produce valid code, which will give you the best shot of having your site display properly on web browsers.
Hidden back end elements every website should have:
1. Meta tags
A common mistake many small business website owners make is not having Meta Tags. Meta tags are important and you need them. Repeatedly, we speak to clients who have a page rank of zero, yet they have had their website up for years. Every time we click the link to view their site and check the source, it is always the same. No description, no keywords, no title tag. Meta tags help promote your business on Search Engines so why not use them?

2. Keyword rich content
Keywords are important but you always need to balance what you use. Often times people over stuff their content using the same word repeatedly. Does it help you in a natural search? No, it does not. Search Engines sometimes penalize your website. Study up on keyword density (as it is also ever changing) and publish your content accordingly.

3. A web CMS (Content Management System)
If you have a budget to have a Webmaster on staff, or the budget to continually have the development company update your website, then you don’t need CMS. If you want to make sure that you have the ability to update your own website then get a CMS solution. It will help with your SEO (search engine optimization) by allowing you to continually provide fresh content to your site.

4. Analytics
This is an important free feature and it is important that you use it. It does not matter if you go with a paid option such as Click Tracks, Web Trends or if you use Google. Just make sure that you do include them. Just think if analytics were available in traditional advertising all these years? What a wonderful tool to be able to tell which one of your marketing campaigns is working. What page on your site is driving people away? What website referrals retain visitors longer? These tools help you understand the marketplace and allow you to grow with it.

5. Good Hosting
Signing up with a reliable host is important because you do not want the server consistently to go down on you or your clients. Your emails should always be up and you should never put your reputation in jeopardy.

6. Basic SEO
Search engine optimization results does not have to cost you a fortune. Do not trust any company that guarantees you #1 placement. No one can claim that and even if he/she could get you there for a minute, he/she would have to continually work on your site full time in order to keep it there. Also, do not fall into the trap that you have to plunk down a bunch of cash on a PPC (pay per click) campaign in order to be seen on the Internet. It takes time and effort to show up in a natural search result, but if you invest the time – the benefits are well worth it.

Most of all make sure that you properly research the designer you decide to go with. Make sure you Google their name and their company domain name. Contact their previous clients and make sure that you feel comfortable talking and that they will be there for you in the future if you need help.
Designing a fully functional website whilst keeping your customers in mind is imperative to increasing traffic, sales, and engagement.
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