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07/08/2020 posted in Web Solutions

Certainly, there is a lot of hard work and dedication in order to make a song, first you have the lyrics then a beat add some backup vocals then final testing which can be done repeatedly in order to make it sound and feel right. The same thing goes for a website, first you have an idea then you have a design after comes the elements then the final testing, which can be adjusted, a number of times in order to get the right feel.

Be that as it may, a song is usually made for personal reasons, revolving around heartbreak or a happy time in that person’s life but a website that is being built for a business should not be based on personal choices. For instance, if your business is in the oil and gas industry and you decided to go with a theme using pink and sparkly web designs just because it suits your taste can be a huge mistake. Instead, you should go for a design that suits your customer’s needs, a simple, modern theme would work perfectly.

Even though an artist writes a song according to their own feelings, they also keep their fan base in mind and try to relate to them. Your website should not only be customer oriented but also give a feeling that a real person is running the company and not a robot. Give your website some character, a photo or bio will help tremendously.

A song has a beat and so can your website, just give it the right design. Most companies are upbeat and outgoing so make your website reflect that energy. (I say most because there are companies like debt collectors that are not so “upbeat”). Implement a bright and bubbly website, you do not have to add sprinkles and sparkles to the site just give it some color and originality and it will have that beat you’re looking for.

A website is your song to write, make the most of it!

- Happy Designing :)
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