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Is a Mobile Friendly Site worth the Investment?
23/06/2021 posted in Web Solutions
With the ever-growing popularity in mobile devices, companies are still debating if it is worth the investment for a mobile site. Stop wondering!

Mobile devices have already begun to surpass desktop users. Now is the time to get the mobile site before you miss out! This is the number one up and coming method of marketing today and everyone wants a piece, the sooner you get one the better.

There are many different advantages of having a mobile site here’s just some of them...

1. Immediate usage.
Today’s society is so high speed we’re often not even near a computer when we have the need or the want of something. Mobile devices give us the ability to look up everything and anything with just a few strokes of the fingers. We want it fast and we want it now. Don’t chase away customers with a website that just doesn’t perform on a mobile device, you don’t have long to keep them there so the easier it is for them the better.

2. Access to important information
Many people who browse the web are looking for a quick way to get information and not spend hours reading about your products. They probably already know what they want, just not where to get it. Mobile sites contain often the most important information such as phone numbers, location and hours.

3. Better Rankings
A site that also has a mobile counterpart will often rank higher than just a webpage alone. Search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo! all favor sites that are optimized for both.

4. Visibility
Mobile sites are easier to navigate, especially on smaller devices. Imagine going to a site with flash player and lots of small links, I can’t even begin to describe all the issues with a fancy website on a mobile device. (Ok I will but just a few)...
First off, flash is not supported on most mobile devices, so you will not even be able to see anything that is programed in flash. Next, all those tiny links, (if you can see them) are impossible to touch with fingers when they are only about 80% of the original webpage size on smart phones!

5. Makes a bolder statement
Having a mobile site is just one more way of marketing yourself. Mobile sites are considered professional in today’s world. Think of the mobile site as your digital business card.

6. Competition
Just like how it effects your ratings with search engines a mobile site will pull attention from your competition. If you don’t have one yet and your competition does, it’s time to catch up!

7. Accessibility.
When you have a mobile device they are already friendly with ALL mobile devices; so that means they can be seen by any device. No more worrying if the site will load for a prospective client.

8. Leverage.
Many users will access a site purely via mobile device, being able to reserve, order or even receive special discounts via mobile site attracts a consumer.

9. Number One Growth for Marketing
As mentioned before, marketing with a mobile device is key to growing your business as it is quickly becoming how most of the public browse the internet even at home!

10. Easy to get.
With the fast growth of mobile devices, it is easy to get one of your own and the return will be far greater than the investment!

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