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5 Ways to Stay Determined When the Going Gets Tough
11/07/2021 posted in New Startup

What do a jet, a rocket and a successful business owner have in common? Fuel, they are all fueled by entity. Now they may not all be fueled by the exact same substance but they all need fuel to keep them going. A business owner is fueled by dreams, goals, and the journey that awaits them ahead.

I hope that you have noticed that I am using fuel as a metaphor for determination. Determination to me is somewhat of a fuel, you need it, your crave it, you strive for it and without it you are unable to move, especially when the going gets tough.
Here a few ways that you can keep your determination when the going gets tough:

1. Remember your dream and purpose
Colin Powell once said, “A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”  A journey is never easy, and never will be. Once you lose sight of the fact that you had a goal or purpose coming into the entrepreneurial excursion your determination can be lost. You need to keep those dreams and the reason you started in the back of your mind, always! During the journey, you will come to a realization that the climb is steep and determination can quickly plummet especially when you are confronted with obstacles that can easily make you frustrated and give up all hope. Although once you see your ideas come to life and get that feeling of accomplishment all those negative thoughts should be long gone.

2. Set clear goals
The difference between determination and a goal is that determination keeps you going and a goal is something you will have achieved after the long haul. Setting goals will not only boost your positive thoughts but also give you freedom at the end of the journey.  Try to set a clear and easy to follow goal, because if you set the standards to high it might result in disappointment. In addition, another great thing to keep you determined is to set sub goals. Sub goals allow for us humans to complete smaller tasks but have a more frequent burst of encouragement.

3. Stop overthinking
It is simple; overthinking can lead to no motivation. When you charge yourself full of knowledge then you will be able to evolve. There is plenty of information readily available to you on the internet that can help in molding new ideas. It is a wiser choice to not overthink the situation, learn and then leap into action.

4. Surround yourself with determined people
In order to keep yourself determined you should associate yourself with people who are also determined and driven to success. Having a positive influence around you can keep your good vibes going. Join a local meet-up where people are of like mind and can provide direction and support. If you’re not into that sort of thing, just look around you, I’m sure there is someone in your group of friends and family that is determined as well.

5. Learn from mistakes
One of the most common reasons for losing determination is when a mistake happens, however this is life and nobody is perfect. All business owners has pursed a path that did not go exactly as planned nevertheless they have learned to accept the gift of failure. When a mistake occurs, do not get down and out on yourself instead apply what you have learned from the mistake and move forward. If you are in need of inspiration just find it from stories of success in others. Learning about what others have accomplished can put you back on the right track and give you a source of motivation to keep going. Other business owners have already walked in the same shoes as you and have most likely faced the same challenges so spend time appreciating the drive and determination of others and it will pay off for you.
In the end, you will feel so much better by following a few simple tips. Setting some small achievable goals each day that when achieved turn into small victories that slowly build up momentum which eventually result in all your goals being accomplished. In addition, one of the most important things is to take action; many people plan, but if you never take action it is never going to happen. Also, take a look at who you surround yourself with, if they are pulling you down, let them go; it might be hard, but in the long run, you will feel re-energized and motivated. There is so much inspiration widely spread on the internet that it should not be too hard to stay driven.  So get out there and stay determined for it will pay off in the future. 
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