Digital Transformation For A
Large Pharmacy Company

.NET, SharePoint, Azure, Redis

Our client is the largest retail pharmacy company in Australia. Their systems were outdated and in need of a complete rehaul. However, the client also noticed that most of their employees are used to the old system and retraining them would be a considerable obstacle to their growth.

Long Term Cooperation With A
Property Company

Java, Angular, React

 Our client, a retail home center leader, was looking to expand their existing IT department and bring in more Java development experts.

Dedicated Developers
Choose You

We understand that to have a productive and happy developer on your team, they need to choose you first. That is why we do not force our developers to work on projects where their skill set is not suitable for your needs. This unique approach is our ‘secret sauce’. It has helped us develop great software for our clients!

To Instalogic developers, producing high-quality software is a top priority. By focusing primarily on the software, our developers can quickly respond to changes and development needs. Shinetech dedicated developers focus on the results, not the contract hours.

Full Confidentiality
& Compensation

We at Instalogic understand how valuable intellectual property is to you. To ensure no ideas find their way out, we use the latest security practices and comply with non-disclosure agreements. The NDAs, signed between you and each Instalogic dedicated developer working on your project, are there to safeguard your ideas, data, and code.

Developer retention in Instalogic is high due to fair and transparent compensation. Once you hire our experts, they receive a fair compensation of at least 70% of the contracted wage based on their experience and location. This method allows the developers to focus on delivering great software as if it were their own.

Track Record

We have worked with over 1500+ businesses so far – startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. By hiring our developers, all the best practices we have learned become accessible to you!

Product QA For An
AI Company

In 2018, the client reached out to us for acceptance testing prior to their product being launched online. We built a team of three testers that dedicated over two months to conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the product. The client was extremely pleased with the outcome and subsequently invited shinetech to participate in the regular development work to ensure delivery quality.

  • 5 years to date collaboration
  • 5 agile testers

Magento Websites For A
Global Enterprise

The client started to cooperate with shinetech in 2015, establishing a 10-developer magento team to support its online business in China. As the requirement increased and the team size grew, the quality issues gradually appeared.

  • A Stable 10 -tester team working with 30+ developers
  • 5 years’ cooperation so far
  • Cooperation covers client’s regional offices of China, Europe & North America
  • Results in 300-400% increase in sales

Skilled Testers

Hire skilled testers that integrate with your agile development team quickly.

Years in QA
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Clients Around
the World
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Testing Projects
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Years Typical
Cooperation Span
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Embedded Agile

Testing Team

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing digital world, it is imperative for any e-commerce platforms or products to maintain high quality standards in order to compete and thrive in the market. Therefore, it is crucial to have a team of testers who possess the right skills and expertise to be integrated into your development team to ensure the delivered software meets your needs and expectations.
Instalogic Marketing is an agile development company. Our testers, with an average of 8 years experience, are experts in testing software in an agile development environment. They work well with both internal and client-side agile development teams.
  • Our team consists of skilled testers with varying areas of expertise. Some excel in technical skills and specialize in automation testing, while others have a strong background in functional testing and can provide comprehensive user-focused coverage.  After assessing your unique needs and challenges, we will assign testers who are best suited to your project to ensure high-quality results.
  • Our testers approach their work from the client’s business perspective. Based on their understanding of the business value, they can fully understand and adapt to frequent changes of requirements, and formulate and implement appropriate testing accordingly.
  • All testers are fully employed and trained with a systematic improvement program.
  • Team-based cooperation with development teams. Each of our testers is a strong team player to guarantee amazing team deliveries.

Instalogic Guarantees

We guarantee that with our dedicated developers, you will get the results you’re looking for.
Our skilled developers are ready to take on your project and provide exceptional results.

Flexible Contracts

We offer flexible contracts, so as your product scales and matures, you can add or remove developers accordingly. We work according to Agile principles and will set up regular reviews with you, the client, every week.

Money Back

We are so confident in our ability to produce great developers who, in turn, create great software that we offer an unconditional refund if you are not satisfied with the deliveries of the latest development iteration.

Free Trial

Share with us a specific requirement such as a module or function point that needs further development. You’ll then be able to try our services risk-free for one week to learn about our working methods.


The changes in business requirements will reflect in your software quickly. We follow the Agile Development Process and try the best agile practices amongst the team and clients. One of them is to deliver visible working software regularly at the end of every one or two weeks; your team can use regular deliveries to give feedback for improvement.

  1. Analysis of concepts & requirements; determine current state and expectations.
  2. Arrange teams and tools needed to optimize production.
  3. From the beginning of the process, end users’ involvement and feedback is critical.
  4. Frequent development delivery through sprints; feedback & testing are imperative.
  5. Ensure review and monitoring of key metrics for success.