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Why You Need Search Engine Optimization
27/08/2021 posted in Marketing Solutions

In the business world, you consistently have to learn new techniques, new information and new ways to improve. Keeping up with the latest marketing strategies include having a website and one other important factor.
The other major factor that plays into a website is SEO 
(search engine optimization)

A website and SEO play hand in hand together; having one, you should have the other. SEO plays an invaluable role to your online marketing because if people cannot find your website bascially it is good for nothing, to simplify it; SEO is the holy grail of website marketing.
When pitching a website to our clients we initially tell them that they need SEO in order to rank high on Google. Some clients look at us as if we are crazy, not because they don’t want it but because they don’t fully understand what it is and what it can do for their website.
If you’re not completely sure what SEO is check out this article giving you a sweet and simple explanation. >

SEO has been a successful marketing strategy for tons of different businesses and your probably wondering why it’s so powerful.

So here we go, a list of reasons why you need SEO for your website:
  • When customers are looking for a product or service you sell your business will show up before any others thus letting them find you easily. SEO ensures your brand visibility across all search engines including but not limited to, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc…
  • SEO will help with traffic levels resulting in more customers directed to your website and ranking you higher on search engines.
  • Keeping up with the unfolding world means keeping current. SEO is able to help you achieve this by identifying what is relevant to customers, your industry and your business. In addition, SEO will help you identify trends and what could be missing on your website.
  • SEO can benefit your business by building a concrete reputation among customers, employees, suppliers, etc…
  • Having people aware of your business is usually what a business hopes to achieve, having SEO will broaden your customers engagement in a new market or in a new location of the world.
  • What your business has to offer to clients might not be getting found however, with SEO that will no longer happen. SEO will bring people to you who are looking for what you are able to offer them.
  • SEO is exceptionally more affordable than  print, TV and radio advertising ( although we are not discounting them, just stating SEO is more affordable for some businesses)
I hope this gives you an ideal and simple understanding of what Calgary SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can do for your business. 

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