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How Does Pinterest Helps Web Designers?
09/09/2021 posted in Web Solutions

Asking clients for their ideas or input is not always an easy task. Clients depend on you to do all the work and somehow magically read their mind. However, there is a solution!

Mood boards are a quick and simple college that you put together in Photoshop (or any other editing service like Picasa) from all the ideas collected by your clients on Pinterest. The only thing you need to do is tell them to gather ideas for their website. This means colors, layouts, fonts, textures and images they like. You, the designer then add some of your own ideas and presto! You have a mood board to guide you through your design process. Pinterest is a great tool for your clients especially if they are not tech savvy, most of them even use Pinterest already.

We all know that communicating ideas about design can become a kerfuffle because most clients do not know how to convey their ideas in the right way, however getting them involved in the process in an effortless way will give them a sense of being helpful and part of the design process. In addition, this gives your client a realization that you are trying to fulfill their needs and they will be able to see their site forming before you even start the proper design process.

Yes, mood boards do take time to complete but adding this step can save you tons of “I forgot what color my client likes best” moments. Mood boards are a time saver and an extremely useful tool for giving you inspiration and moving forward with a project. Could you imagine spending hours putting together a college to only have your client hate it? The mood board will stop this from happening because your client’s ideas are already there. A mood board is perfect way to getting started on designing your client’s website.


For designers there is an IPad app called moodboard Creator that can help you brainstorm your ideas anytime from home or on the go. You can add photos, text, color swatches, etc… and share them with colleagues or friends. Perfect for the designer who is on a tight deadline and needs that helpful tool for collecting images on the go.

There are plenty of apps, programs and even physical mood boards out there for both designers and clients; however, Pinterest seems to be an all in one concept. Your clients can search tons of different images and list notes on why they like them and put them into one board and that’s it. As I stated at the beginning, most of your clients probably have Pinterest already.

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